Feeling like home!

2012-04-25 20:02:04 by xcrosspictures

I've known about Newgrounds for a very long time. Yet I did not bother signing up for an account before quite recently. I must say it's far more better than I expected. Not only do I love how games, movies, audio and art comes together in one website. But the community has so far left a very welcoming impression.

As I uploaded my art here on Newgrounds I did not expect much, yet the first day I got featured on the front page which has never happend before. Another thing that made me happy was all the great feedback I got, first of all it was all positive. Second I got tons of great constructive criticism where you pointed out what was good and could have been done better. That is ofcourse the type of feedback I appriciate the most because I like many others seek for constant improval.

I'd just like to say that Newgrounds seems like an amazing community and I should totally have signed up here earlier. Thank you all for making me feel like home!